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ukraine-group-june-2014With 50 new Yogic Flyers on the Invincible Ukraine Assembly (IUA) as of May 25, a fresh wave of harmony has been quietly spreading throughout the collective consciousness of Ukraine. Also on May 25, Election Day, Ukraine enjoyed a peaceful 60% voter turnout and a decisive election of a new President for Ukraine.

Sustaining the Momentum

Now it is of utmost importance to sustain the momentum of the coherence-creating group through August (or longer); and if possible expand it to 700 Yogic Flyers (Super Radiance number for Ukraine)—this will lay the foundation for calming the remaining trouble spots and continue to improve Ukraine’s relationship with the Russian Federation.

We Still Need Your Support—a few of you can make a World of Difference (and a Different World)!

To maintain a group of 100 Sidhas requires 40,000 EUR or 54,000 USD per month. Thanks to the great support from you and our USA donors under the leadership of Raja John Hagelin, the IUA has been growing in strength since it began in March until today, June 14.


We need (by July 20): another 40,000 EUR or 54,000 USD.

We need (by August 20): another: 40,000 EUR or 54,000 USD.

We can achieve this…

If only 200 Donors around the world can give 100 EUR or 135 USD each, we will easily reach our June target!

If only 200 Donors around the world can give 200 EUR or 270 USD each, we will hit our July target!

If only 200 Donors around the world can give 200 EUR or 270 USD each, we will hit our August target!

Please invite your friends and colleagues to visit our website at and our Facebook page at and inspire them to contribute towards the success of this highly important project. Through our ‘Donate’ page at donations can easily be made online.

With Appreciation

As Raja Kingsley, the Raja of Invincible Ukraine so beautifully expressed to the USA Donors recently, “With the combined power of Yoga and Yagya, amazing things have been happening. It is wonderful what you have achieved for us. We still have a way to go, so please support!”

Your vigilance and generosity have carried us through the initial crisis to this moment of opportunity. Thank you!
Now we can pave the way for faster progress towards a promising chapter in this country’s history!

With all best wishes,

From the National Director of Ukraine and the entire Invincible Ukraine Team

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Jim Carrey Commencement Speaker at MUM

Jim-Carrey-MoreThe 2014 graduates of Maharishi University of Management were treated to an extraordinary commencement address, filled with equal measures of both wit and wisdom, by the award winning actor, comedian, author and humanitarian, Jim Carrey. The address was every bit as inspiring and humorous as expected. – See more at:

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Transcending Death

By William T. Hathaway 

Death. The very word casts a pall of doom. Why is it so upsetting to us? Perhaps because it conflicts with two different ways in which we know the world. If both of these ways told us we are nothing more than matter, merely a conjunction of atoms, death wouldn’t bother us. We would just accept that as the way the world is. But we know intuitively that we are immortal beings. Our sense perceptions, though, tell us we die and cease to exist. We see that the person we knew is gone. The body lying there is not them at all. Where are they? Where are we going to be when we die? How can an immortal being cease to exist? This contradiction between two kinds of knowing creates an epistemological crisis in us. What is really true?

The contradiction is bridged when we reach the state of samadhi in Transcendental Meditation . In samadhi we transcend, go beyond, our thoughts and our everyday, relative self. We leave them behind, analogous to dying and leaving the body, and we shift into the transcendental Self, the field of consciousness that manifests and animates the universe. Our individual boundaries drop away, and we merge with this unified field where everything becomes one. But paradoxically we’re still us; we don’t disappear into it. Instead we experience this field as the interface between God and the universe, filled with divine love, energy, and intelligence. But we usually experience it only for a few moments; it’s too overwhelming for us to stay longer. We think How wonderful! and are pulled out into the relative again, back into thoughts and boundaries. But our minds have been infused with some of the qualities of that field, and we bring those into our activity, making our life more energetic and enjoyable.

After many experiences of leaving the small self and merging with the big Self but still maintaining an individual identity, we no longer fear death. We understand that just as we join with the transcendental field in meditation and then return from it again, we join with it in death, rest awhile, and then return in a new body filled with desires to experience relative life. But once all our desires are fulfilled (the state of enlightenment), we don’t take another body. We stay there with God. Why go anywhere?

# William T. Hathaway’s first book, A World of Hurt, won a Rinehart Foundation Award. His new one, Wellsprings: A Fable of Consciousness, concerns Transcendental Meditation and the environmental crisis: He was a Fulbright professor of creative writing at universities in Germany, where he currently lives. A selection of his writing is available at


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