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Uganda – School Project for Orphans


EDAPO is smiling.
You can smile, too.

Thanks to all your donations, Joanita could pay the EDAPO teachers’
salaries for September.

Let’s her keep smiling.

Click to Donate:

The EDAPO orphan students can’t pay school fees.
It’s donors like you who support them.
As if you are their aunties and uncles.

In the next school year that begins February 2019, EDAPO PS plans
to enroll new fee paying students from the village.
This will help pay the teachers.

For now, let’s support the 33 teachers and staff who care for the students.
PO Box 337, Fairfield IA 52556
+1 888.213.2735

Thanks to Graham Woollcombe.


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President Hagelin, Dr. Schneider Give Keynote Addresses at Zen Conference

In yet another example of the rising interest in higher states of consciousness and human potential, MUM president John Hagelin and Professor Robert Schneider were recently invited to speak at the interdisciplinary Global Zen Consciousness Conference in Atlanta.
They were invited along with other thought leaders because both are well known for their integration of modern science and traditional spirituality.
The conference was organized by the Shaolin Chan [Zen] Foundation, which hopes to “create a worldwide revolution by combining the spheres of science and Eastern philosophy to help humanity realize that at the deepest sub-nuclear level and at the innermost consciousness level we are all one.”
“This was a breakthrough event, with both the modern and ancient corroborating each other in an authentic and science-based manner,” said Dr. Schneider, dean of MUM’s College of Integrative Medicine.
Dr. Hagelin spoke about the physics of consciousness and higher states of consciousness. Dr. Schneider discussed the physiological correlates and practical health benefits of these higher states from the Vedic medicine perspective.
There were a number of presentations on traditional Chinese spirituality, martial arts, and medicine related to higher consciousness, with many Chinese visitors in attendance.
“It was reminiscent of the Natural Law Party, which brought together people with different perspectives who shared a common ground,” Dr. Schneider said.
There was also extensive discussion of “synthetic consciousness” – focused on the issue of whether artificial intelligence could embody human consciousness and even achieve higher states of consciousness. In the vein of artificial intelligence and robotics, one of the presenters was Sophia, a human-like, AI-driven robot.
“I made the point that the human nervous system is uniquely designed to reflect the highest state of awareness, Cosmic Consciousness,” Dr. Schneider said.


Source: The Review, Vol. 34, #4, October 31, 2018, Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa.


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India Concerts

Dear Sir/Madam,

You are cordially invited by the Ambassador of India to Switzerland, The Holy See and the Principality of Liechtenstein to Festival of India Concerts at the following places:

i) Festival of India Concert on Thursday, 8 Nov at 5:30 pm at SAL Lindaplatz, Landstrasse 19, FL 9494 Schaan, Liechtenstein.



ii) Festival of India Concert on Friday, 9 Nov at 5:30 pm at Verkehrshaus der Schweiz, Conference Centre Lidostrasse 5, 6006 Luzern



You along with family may wish to attend the Concert at Schaan or in Luzern. Please confirm your participation by sending a mail to It is further requested that the mail may kindly be forwarded among your circle of friends, family and co workers, so that more and more people from Indian Diaspora and other nationalities, who are friends of India, can experience Indian culture.


Roshni Thomson

Second Secretary (Political, Information & HoC)

Embassy of India


Application: Please register your name directly to

Thanking you so much and look forward to see you all

Best Regards



Thanks to Otto Odermatt, MERU, Seelisberg, CH

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Meditationsgala: Bob Roth in Berlin

Am 28. Oktober ist Bob Roth, Direktor der David Lynch Foundation,
in Berlin.
Link zu den limitierten Tickets:
nur 16,50 €
Abendkasse 20 €

Sonntag, 28.10.2018 um 18:30 Uhr
Berliner Kino-Auditorium

Mehr Info:


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Students in Portugal describe their experiences of practicing Transcendental Meditation

Students in Portugal describe their experiences of practicing Transcendental Meditation at the first public school in Europe to introduce TM into the curriculum.

“I feel calmer, I’ve been sleeping better” … “I feel more focused” … “I get better grades on tests” – Students at The Dr Alberto Iria School, Olhão, Portugal