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Quiet Time at the Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School


“In the hallways you could hear a pin drop. When they come out of the meditation, they’re more ready to learn.” –Linda Rosenbury, Principal, Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School

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Russell Brand and Elizabeth Vargas Talk Addiction at Meditation Summit

Article by Victoria Kim 05/03/16 in

A growing number of people are finding that Transcendental Meditation is an essential tool in their recovery.

TM1Jennifer Ashton, Elizabeth Vargas, and Bob Roth via The David Lynch Foundation

Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. Out of 47,055 fatal drug overdoses in 2014, prescription painkillers and heroin were attributed to 29,467 of them. The federal government has pumped billions of dollars into funding treatment and prevention strategies, but the epidemic has yet to show any sign of waning.

A part of the solution may lie in Transcendental Meditation. This was the theme of a national summit held in New York last Friday, where medical experts and recovering addicts, including comedian Russell Brand and 20/20 anchor Elizabeth Vargas, gathered to discuss the role of TM in addressing America’s opioid crisis. …

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