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MA in Media and Communications at MUM

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Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa, USA

Maharishi University of Management (MUM) to offer MA degree in Media and Communications

10 November 2012

A master’s degree program in Media and Communications is scheduled to begin in fall 2013 at Maharishi University of Management,* offering an opportunity for students to work on a major film project, develop a strong portfolio, and position themselves for employment in the creative industries. ”Everything is moving online, and there’s a high demand for media and communications skills,” says filmmaker Stuart Tanner, faculty member in the program. ”This is where all the money is going. Every business needs people with these skills.” Professor Tanner said that it’s also an area ripe for entrepreneurship, and that already about a dozen alumni of the MUM undergraduate program in this field, which began several years ago, have created their own ventures. ”We expect this to happen even more with the graduate program.” Prospective students will be required to submit a portfolio to gain admission. They will begin in the fall by taking courses in areas such as advanced narrative, screenwriting, sound, and image, taught by professor Gurdy Leete, whose MFA is in filmmaking. The second semester will focus on a major video media project under the direction of Stuart Tanner, whose background includes award-winning documentaries for the BBC, National Geographic, and other major international media outlets. ”We’re very excited about this new program,” professor Tanner said. ”It’s a real leap forward for the department and for the University. Our MA students will be in high demand.” © Copyright 2012 Maharishi University of Management

Source: The Review (MUM) and


Author: Peter Kiefer

Student of Maharishi European Research University.

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