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Collective Consciousness And Meditation

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Reduced Crime Rates in Cities. Source;

Jeanne Ball, writer for the David Lynch Foundation and 25-year teacher of Transcendental Meditation,  reports in this new beautiful article at Huffington Post: “Quantum physicist Dr. Hagelin cites numerous studies on the Transcendental Meditation technique that measure, using advanced statistical analysis, the power of group meditation to change the social climate: “In the summer of 1993, this approach reduced crime by 26 percent in Washington, D.C. An earlier study on the Lebanon war showed profound reductions in open warfare. These results have been confirmed repeatedly through extensive research published in leading, peer-reviewed scientific journals.” ”

Please read this amazing article at

VIDEO: John Hagelin on Consciousness and the Unified Field:


Author: Peter Kiefer

Student of Maharishi European Research University.

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