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Coherence rising in Latin America

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Students practicing Transcendental Meditation in Latin America

Currently the fastest progress is being made in Latin America since several years. Schools, colleges and universities incorporate Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques into their curriculum. Even teachers, professors, and parents join.

With the formation of more and more groups in many countries in  South and Middle America, changes in collective consciousness are occurring. Government leaders – the voice of collective consciousness – express more self-confidence and independence from outside influences.

It will be very interesting to see the harmonizing and peace creating effect for the whole world once a group or even more groups reach the number necessary to create a shift in world consciousness (which is about 8.000 – the square root of the world’s population).

Yogic Flyers in South America

It is very important then to maintain these groups on a permanent basis and disallow too many fluctuations in the number of its participants to ensure a stable influence of coherence. Please refer to


Author: Peter Kiefer

Student of Maharishi European Research University.

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