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TM Becomes Integral Part of Buddhist School in Thailand

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Kru Muay, a teacher:
“Our school is the first school in Thailand that incorporates the TM technique to culture the students’ ethical values. The students in this school learn TM at the beginning of the semester when the new students arrive. Coming from different places their behavior was quite aggressive and they didn’t pay attention to their studies that much, but after we introduced TM and after they started practicing, I feel that now some students are more settled and some pay more attention to their studies.”

Students’ experiences:

“Before meditating I felt so stressed by everything,” says one student. “I was stressed with my friends, with my studies and with the teachers who disciplined me. But when I meditate, I feel some relief. It reduces my stress level. It makes me forget and feel relief and this gives me self-confidence.”
“Since I have been meditating regularly, morning and evening, I’ve been paying more attention to the teachers and I understand the knowledge better.”
“Before I learned TM I was a good-for-nothing, pretty much! Meditation has broadened my thinking, increased my self-confidence and now I’m more diligent.”

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Author: Peter Kiefer

Student of Maharishi European Research University.

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