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“Creativity, Consciousness and Bliss” at the CCS in Detroit

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CCS Campus. Source:

CCS Campus. Source:

This is taken from “Tuning the Student Mind“, written by Keven Kline, a graduate from the College For Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit.

” During the Fall 2010 semester I began to see advertisements for a class called Creativity, Consciousness and Bliss. I was immediately intrigued given my experiments with meditation and stress reducing methods in the past to connect to my true self and realign with all in the universe. Then I met Chelsea Richer, the driving force behind getting the class started. We would go on to have a short but rather deep conversation in the most unlikely of settings, the infamous CCS student hangout, Northern Lights. I had just fallen out of touch with a Chelsea very close to me in my life and I was fascinated that in that moment this Chelsea had come into it and solidified my choice to take the class in my last semester at CCS.”

“Upon my first session in the class I was made aware of how special it was going to prove to be. From the onset, Professor Molly Beauregard was able to create a comfortable environment I could step into for 3 hours and feel at peace. When the class was told we would be learning transcendental meditation I was very excited and curious of its potential benefits. Once I had learned how to meditate it became a calming force that would radiate throughout my being and help me be present to deal with stress better. I made myself as regular of a meditator as I could within my crazy schedule, and every time I took the time to meditate I would fall back into that peaceful feeling and be reminded of how great it was to operate from that space.”

Full text:

Thanks to Kevin Kline!


Author: Peter Kiefer

Student of Maharishi European Research University.

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