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Interested in concert organization or related activities?

Hi, I am looking for someone in any city or town in Europe who would be interested to organize Maharishi Gandharva concerts to uplift not only the listeners but also the whole environment and the entire population because a live performance of Gandharva music (Indian classical music / Hindustani style) creates a powerful influence of harmony and integration since this music mirrors the frequencies of Nature’s functioning at very subtle levels which integrate and unify the whole diversity of creation. And proportionally to the size of the audience this positive effect increases. Organizing concerts should be a profitable enterprise. So if you are interested in making money while enjoying a lot at the same time, please contact

Thanks. Best wishes!

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Inner Peace in the Middle East

Middle East Peace Project: University Students Practicing the TM Program.
Sahar Bassam (Student): I feel relaxation, and I have more energy and my mind is so clear. I was really having some problems with my family, I was fighting with my sisters, and now I am more peaceful.
Hadeel Quaod (Student): Really I feel less stress, this is the first thing I found. In my relationship I have more context now, I can speak with people, I can…. as you see me I am so happy now (laughs) and that effects the people around me. I solve my problems better now, that’s really, really effected me.
Hijazi Isaili (Student): It has a positive effect on me, on my behavior, on my health, on my studies. In my study it gets easier for me to understand what the teacher is saying. Also, in my home, when somebody does something to make me angry I don’t [get] angry. I just take it easy. It’s not about what you are saying, just take it easy and solve the problem in an appropriate way.


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