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Paul McCartney’s great meditation

Maharishi witht he Beatles. Right Paul McCartney. Source

Maharishi with the Beatles. Right: Paul McCartney. Source

“I remember having a great meditation, one of the best I ever had. It was a pleasant afternoon, in the shade of these big tropical trees on the flat roof of this bungalow. It appeared to me that I was like a feather over a hot-air pipe, a warm-air pipe. I was just suspended by this hot air, which was something to do with the meditation. And it was a very very blissful feeling. It took you back to childhood when you were a baby, some of the secure moments when you’ve just been fed or you were having your nap. It reminded me of those nice, secure feelings. And I thought, Well, hell, that’s great, I couldn’t buy that anywhere. That was the most pleasant, the most relaxed I ever got, for a few minutes I really felt so light, so floating, so complete.”

–Paul McCartney, from the book, ‘Many Years From Now’

Thanks to Margot Süttmann.