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Ecuador and Venezuela have implemented the TM-Sidhi programme for 5,000 in the military and security forces. The commander of one of the military colleges decided it is so important it will be implemented top-down: He and his chiefs will set the example of doing Yogic Flying. He said ‘I see that what was missing in our military education was accessing the aspect of the soldier that is invincible—his own consciousness’.
This establishes a completely new platform for the widespread implementation of Yogic Flying and professional peacemaking groups in the military.

In Brazil Flavio Canto, who is World Champion Judoka and a TM-Sidha, has made Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi programme part of the training for his 1,500 students. He says ‘I want all my students to meditate and fly as much as do well at Judo and Karate, so they will be peacemakers’.

Source: Maharishi’s Family Chat Newsletter.


Author: Peter Kiefer

Student of Maharishi European Research University.

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