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Quiet Time and Transcendental Meditation at Aspire Ollin Preparatory Academy

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This video features the Transcendental Meditation and Quiet Time program at Aspire Ollin Preparatory Academy which began in 2012. Its goal is to reduce stress and improve learning ability.

Jennifer Garcia, Principal: “Everybody who walks through this door to serve kids, really believes in their heart that they are serving kids.”

Keith Drucker, 8th Grade Humanities Teacher: “Kids have a lot going on these days. Stress is definitely a factor in whether they’re learning or not learning. Our goal is to show that our students are as capable as any other individual.”

Betzaida, student: “My anxiety has reduced, and now if you look at my grades, I have A’s. Mostly A’s and two B’s.”

Andrea, student: “I used to get very nervous for tests, and headaches. With TM, I see a difference: I’m calmer, I feel better.”

Dalilah: “I do dance, I sing, act, model. TM helps me manage all that. I get the rest I need and it helps me focus in class.”

Darnell: “I used to feel like people will mess with me and I get distracted. Since I learned TM, I feel peaceful and calm. I’m participating now.”

Keith: “Since they started TM, they get our goal, and they want to do their best.”

Katie Spencer, 7th Grade Education Specialist: “Having a calmer class, and having a calmer teacher is always good.”

Timothy Gomez, 9th Grade Writing Teacher: “Anyone will tell you, behavior has been amazing since they brought the Quiet Time program.”

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Author: Peter Kiefer

Student of Maharishi European Research University.

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