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WhatsWorking: Using Meditation Against Terrorism


Video interview on HuffPost Live / Youtube:

The Global Union of Scientists for Peace asked Presidents Obama, Hollande and Putin to use a scientific alternative to violence against terrorism: transcendental meditation. John Hagelin, Bob Roth and Col. Brian Rees join us to discuss the benefits.


Originally aired on December 16, 2015

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“The Supreme Awakening “

The_Supreme_Awak_55f7202a6e9fbOne of MUM Press’s best-selling booksThe Supreme Awakening has just been published in an expanded second edition.

The new edition includes descriptions of experiences of higher states of consciousness from more famous people through history — from Dag Hammarsköld (the great United Nations Secretary-General), Bernard Berenson (the famous American art historian), Antonio Machado (the noted Spanish poet), Morihei Ueshiba (the founder of the martial art known as aikido), Eckhart Tolle (the modern writer and teacher), and more.

It also includes an extended personal interview with a person who learned the Transcendental Meditation technique as a young man. Although he practiced it regularly for many years and enjoyed the practice and the benefits, he did not feel he was developing higher states of consciousness. Then one day, he suddenly began experiencing pure consciousness all the time, along with waking, dreaming, and sleeping — and his consciousness continued developing from there.

“This interview forms the perfect capstone to the book,” Dr. Pearson says. “The book shows famous people through history describing experiences of higher states that seem mostly temporary — and here is an example of an ordinary person who learns the TM technique and experiences systematic growth of consciousness to the highest levels. This story is amazing — it inspired me deeply.”

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david-lynch-benefit-concert-london-dec-20157PM – MON DEC 07, 2015


The David Lynch Foundation is taking over Miranda in London for a night of stunning guitar music with some of the UK’s very best rock artists.

Sharing the stage at The Ace Hotel will be Gorillaz collaborator Jeff Wootton, New York indie heroes Blonde Redhead and love-soaked singer songwriter James McCartney.

With all proceeds going to The David Lynch Foundation, it would be rude not to grab a ticket for this gig.


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A school for orphans in Uganda, where the children practise Transcendental Meditation

The following text is from that youtube page:

Here is a description of a visit to EDAPO in 2013. Enjoy learning more about this very sincere project to look after these orphans.
We bumped and dodged along the road on the outskirts of Kampala. Everything looks different along the way. Not like I remember it. Until we get to the place where city folk have built brick weekend bungalows, all shut up tight as it’s a week day.

As we turn down a dirt lane, the school emerges from the vegetation – low and plain. Children must be waiting inside the board structure. Finally, we stop at the EDAPO office. Mr. Kato has built an elaborate tree house. We climb up to inspect. It’s marvelous! There are pictures on the wall, including one of us from a previous visit to the area. He even raises rabbits up there. How does he keep the children out of the tree house? “They just don’t go,” I’m told.

After a short welcome in the EDAPO office with Mr. Mugabe and the TM teachers for this area, Madam Kichoncho and Mr. Barugahare, we walk over to the school. There is a small child crying loudly in the middle of the field. Madam Grace, headmistress, whom I have not seen in more than three years, accompanies me and gently calls out to the child. Some other adult comes out of the school to calm the crying child.

We step over the path marked by pieces of brick which is used for Word of Wisdom. Sorry that we have missed seeing that in person. It must just melt the heart.

The simple school building is full of children and adults (at the back) who have been waiting for us, who knows how long? They seem happy to see us – novelty of seeing “mugeesu” (white people), I guess. More of the TM teachers are with the group. We are seated at the front along with the leaders of EDAPO. There is the banner of welcome to us and a small cake for the ceremony.

Mr. Barugahare, who also teaches social studies and mathematics at the school, is Master of Ceremonies. We begin with speeches and singing of the Uganda National Anthem. It is great to see how proud they are of their school uniforms which Mrs. Barugahare has made. Some of the children are in special pull over shirts that the choir wear.

The choir has really come together since my husband heard them in February. Some of these kids have quite a bit of stage presence. Their voices are sweet and unstrained. Of course they move and have some drumming behind them. Everyone wants them to do well – and they do!

We cut cake and light candles. Everyone is recognized, but only the special guests get cake. Next time we’ll take a big sheet cake so that everyone may have.

The adults are so committed to the children. I can’t imagine any biological parents being more so. It is really so inspiring. Mark Mugabe is a brilliant promoter of this project. Grace Nankya is so gracious and she had foregone a government pension to lead this school. The school could be eligible for government support once it has proper permanent structures to house the classrooms.

EDAPO is really an inspiration.

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See Ringo Starr, David Lynch Discuss Beatle’s Career, Meditation

lynch-ringoFilmmaker’s foundation releases ‘The Lifetime of Peace & Love Tribute Concert’ tribute album today

BY December 4, 2015

Read and see more:

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Russia may become soon the world’s leading supplier of healthy food

MOSCOW, December 3. /TASS/ Russia is capable of becoming the world’s leading supplier of healthy food, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at his annual state of the nation address to the Federal Assembly on Thursday.

“We won’t only be able to feed ourselves given our land, water resources. Russia is capable of becoming the biggest global supplier of healthy, eco-friendly, high-quality food, which certain western producers have been lacking for a long time already,” President said, adding that the global demand for such products is on the rise. ..

President Putin said: “Last year exports of agriculture from Russia reached almost $20 bln, which is a quarter higher than revenue from military exports, and is around a third of gas export values. Our agriculture saw this rapid progress over a short yet fruitful period,” he said. “Only 10 years ago we bought half of food products from abroad, we depended critically on imports. Now, Russia is among exporters, thanks to the farmers,” he added. …

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