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Transcendental Meditation: Were the hippies right all along?

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Recent article by Laura Tennant, for the Independent.

“For years, it has been ridiculed as a 1960s embarrassment. Now Transcendental Meditation is back in a big way. So were those hippies on to something all along? …

… The first thing I noticed was that repeating the “sound vibration” of my mantra took me to a place which was neither wakefulness, sleeping nor dreaming. Over the course of subsequent sessions I’ve regularly become detached from my physical self and dipped in and out of this “fourth state” of consciousness. Allowing sometimes painful thoughts and feelings to come to the surface has bought tears to my eyes, but I’ve also reached important decisions.

A month into my practice, I have not so far experienced “bliss”, a condition beyond time and space in which one is not “ebulliently happy”, as Rosenthal puts it, but “calm and alert”; a state, he explains, in which one realises that “just to be is a blessing”. But I’m prepared to believe the effects are gradual and I’m struck by the fact that I no longer resent the necessary investment of time. ” …

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Author: Peter Kiefer

Student of Maharishi European Research University.

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