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What is Maharishi Vedic Organic?

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The Evolving Brain Course with Prof. Fred Travis Begins February 12


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Dr. John Fagan – Vedic Agriculture – The Key to empowering Indian Farmers

Dr. John Fagan (Ph.D.) Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, addresses the International Conference to Re-Establish Vedic India. His subject is Vedic Agriculture, the key to empowering the Indian farmers to feed the nation and the world. New Delhi, India. 21 February 2015.

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Russia may become soon the world’s leading supplier of healthy food

MOSCOW, December 3. /TASS/ Russia is capable of becoming the world’s leading supplier of healthy food, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at his annual state of the nation address to the Federal Assembly on Thursday.

“We won’t only be able to feed ourselves given our land, water resources. Russia is capable of becoming the biggest global supplier of healthy, eco-friendly, high-quality food, which certain western producers have been lacking for a long time already,” President said, adding that the global demand for such products is on the rise. ..

President Putin said: “Last year exports of agriculture from Russia reached almost $20 bln, which is a quarter higher than revenue from military exports, and is around a third of gas export values. Our agriculture saw this rapid progress over a short yet fruitful period,” he said. “Only 10 years ago we bought half of food products from abroad, we depended critically on imports. Now, Russia is among exporters, thanks to the farmers,” he added. …

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