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Andy Zhong—CEO of Billion-Dollar Gaming Company FunPlus

MUM graduate and gaming CEO Andy Zhong

MUM graduate Andy Zhong earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Dalian University of Technology in China, and began his career as a research engineer at Bell Laboratories in 2005. He entered MUM’s MS in Computer Science Program in 2007 and soon moved to Silicon Valley to serve as engineering director and lead product manager at RockYou, developing the popular Facebook games Birthday Cards and Zoo World.

Andy says that the time he spent at MUM was very helpful in landing him a job at a top Silicon Valley company. He has also found the practice of the TM® technique beneficial. ..

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Leave a comment Ray Dalio’s Beatles-inspired routine for success

…“It works because it brings you into your subconscious mind and it gives one an equanimity. In other words, a centered-ness, a calm centered-ness in the middle of a storm,” Dalio explained (about Transcendental Meditation).

The practice also provides an opportunity for creative thinking away from life’s daily distractions, which Dalio said has been vital for his personal development.

“It’s like if you take a hot shower and the ideas come to you,” he said. “That ability to reflect well and to be above those things that you’re operating so you can navigate them well is a real great thing to have.”…

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Being more productive: Transcendental Meditation

Arnold, a student at the University of London, wrote on

“…It’s now been almost two months since I started meditating. 15-20 minutes in the morning and evening…. I can confidently confirm that meditation has given me more equanimity so far and, thereby, more focus on my current activities. In the past, I would have problems with staying focused on e.g. doing my readings for the course because other things and ideas would come up and distract me. Now, my ideas and inspiration come mostly during meditation (especially in the evening) and I often write down a good idea after the session. Therefore, I can be creative if I need to be and be focused respectively. I use this to do creative things in the evening and my University studies, including my readings, in the forenoon. …

…I can now confidently recommend Transcendental Meditation to everyone. It is scientifically proven to be beneficial for the reasons mentioned here and I have had very positive experiences myself. I believe it can help you in the same way it has helped me. Furthermore, it can reduce stress during upcoming exams and preparation. From my experience, stress and anxiety harm exam results enormously and by this logic, meditation can help us to improve in our studies and to be more productive.”

Arnold is studying BSc Economics and Finance by distance learning in Germany.

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