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MUM online Course on MVS and Religions

With Dr. Evan Finkelstein

Starting on June 6th: an online course on MVS and Religions via MUM’s Department of Distance Education.

Dr. Finkelstein:

“The course is non-credit, so there is no pressure about doing homework or papers, there are no tests and it can be taken at one’s own comfortable pace.

I think the best part of the course are the many profound and inspiring tapes from Maharishi talking about religion, God, spiritual development, how to prevent religious conflicts, and the immense value of TM for the realization of the goals of all religions, etc.

In my taped lectures I identify the common ground and universal principles that are shared by Maharishi Vedic Science and the religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is very unifying.”


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Inner Peace in the Middle East

Middle East Peace Project: University Students Practicing the TM Program.
Sahar Bassam (Student): I feel relaxation, and I have more energy and my mind is so clear. I was really having some problems with my family, I was fighting with my sisters, and now I am more peaceful.
Hadeel Quaod (Student): Really I feel less stress, this is the first thing I found. In my relationship I have more context now, I can speak with people, I can…. as you see me I am so happy now (laughs) and that effects the people around me. I solve my problems better now, that’s really, really effected me.
Hijazi Isaili (Student): It has a positive effect on me, on my behavior, on my health, on my studies. In my study it gets easier for me to understand what the teacher is saying. Also, in my home, when somebody does something to make me angry I don’t [get] angry. I just take it easy. It’s not about what you are saying, just take it easy and solve the problem in an appropriate way.


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Meister Eckhart

Meister Eckhart

Meister Eckhart

“It is in the purest thing that the soul is capable of, in the noblest part, the ground — indeed, in the very essence of the soul which is the soul’s most secret part. There is the silent “middle,” for no creature ever entered there and no image, nor has the soul there either activity or understanding, therefore she is not aware there of any image, whether of herself or of any other creature. . . . In the soul’s essence there is no activity, for the powers she works with emanate from the ground of being. Yet in that ground is the silent “middle”: here is nothing but rest and celebration.” . . . — Sermon 1, Meister Eckhart (1260 – 1327, Germany)

Read more about this remarkable man “who was considered the most knowledgeable scholar of his time and was one of the most popular and beloved preachers” in this blog by Dr Craig Pearson.