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New Initiative to Provide Meditation
to US Medical Providers Battling COVID-19

To Reduce Anxiety, Boost Resilience, Heal Trauma

“Heal the Healers Now,” a new initiative to bring the stress-reducing Transcendental Meditation technique to medical providers who are battling the coronavirus pandemic, was launched nationally on Monday, April 6, by the two nonprofit groups: the Center for Health and Wellness of the David Lynch Foundation and the US TM organization. …

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New Study Shows Reduced Violence in Cambodia

The group practice of the Transcendental Meditation® and TM-Sidhi® programs in Cambodia between 1993 and 2008 was associated with a 96.2% decline in sociopolitical violence in that war-torn country compared to violence in the preceding three years, according to a new peer-reviewed study by PhD graduate Lee Fergusson and research professor Ken Cavanaugh.

According to the authors, the likelihood that this reversal in the rising 1990–1992 trend of violence occurred randomly was found to be one chance in 10 million.

“Maharishi Vedic University was established by Maharishi in Cambodia on January 1, 1993, for the declared purpose of bringing peace and prosperity to Cambodia,” Dr. Fergusson said. “The positive influence of the MVU meditating groups was recognized by officials of the Cambodian government.”

The late King Norodom Sihanouk was quoted as saying, “Maharishi Vedic University is playing an important role in human resource development and in [the] restoration of peace and expansion of prosperity throughout the country.”

The reduction in violence began in January 1993, when more than 550 students began practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique together twice daily in a group at Maharishi Vedic University in Cambodia. Also, 100–200 students practiced the TM-Sidhi program together twice a day in a group as part of their Consciousness-Based (SM) education curriculum starting in 1994.

Across three MVU campuses, up to 1,250 students contributed to increased coherence in collective consciousness through their daily group Transcendental Meditation practice during 1993–2008.

Other published research by Dr. Fergusson, professor and founding director of Maharishi Vedic Research Institute, Australia, documents the dramatic economic and social transformation of Cambodia after the founding of MVU.

In 1990, Cambodia, devastated by decades of war, was the poorest country in the world. After establishment of MVU, Cambodia’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth rates averaged 8.9%, and poverty was reduced by 63% between 1994 and 2008. By 2010 Cambodia was ranked 63rd out of 152 countries on the international scale of poverty, an unprecedented jump of 89 places in less than one generation.

The study is the first to use an explanatory mixed-methods research design to explore the growth of social coherence using time series analysis and qualitative content analysis of news articles. The researchers analyzed monthly data on the level of sociopolitical violence obtained from automated content-analysis of news reports performed by a leading independent research organization.

A PDF of the article, published in Studies in Asian Social Science, may be downloaded at

Source: The Review, Vol. 34, #16, May 29, 2019, Maharishi University of Management

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Transcendental Meditation Brings University Students Rapid and Profound Recovery from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and Depression

A new study on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) found that Transcendental Meditation (TM) brought a group of university students in South Africa with PTSD below the threshold for PTSD. This same group showed significant recovery from depression. A comparison group with PTSD who did not learn TM showed no change in PTSD or depression levels over the 105 days of testing.

This new study has been published with 8 international authors in Psychological Reports.

Bandy, C, Dillbeck, M., Sezibera, V., Taljaard, L., de Reuck, J., Wilks, M., Shapiro, D., Peycke, R. (Psychological Reports. on-line: February, 2019) Reduction of PTSD in South African University Students Using Transcendental Meditation Practice. DOI: 10.1177/0033294119828036 link:

The summary may be found here:

So far, within 2 days, the following articles have been published commenting on this new study:

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The study shows that both PTSD and depression fell below the non-symptomatic level for a group of students pracaticing TM, within 105 days of practice and the group became non-symptomatic for depression within 15 days of learning TM.

For contacting the researchers to help with future studies or to work on implementing projects in schools in at-risk communities, contact David Shapiro,

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Being more productive: Transcendental Meditation

Arnold, a student at the University of London, wrote on

“…It’s now been almost two months since I started meditating. 15-20 minutes in the morning and evening…. I can confidently confirm that meditation has given me more equanimity so far and, thereby, more focus on my current activities. In the past, I would have problems with staying focused on e.g. doing my readings for the course because other things and ideas would come up and distract me. Now, my ideas and inspiration come mostly during meditation (especially in the evening) and I often write down a good idea after the session. Therefore, I can be creative if I need to be and be focused respectively. I use this to do creative things in the evening and my University studies, including my readings, in the forenoon. …

…I can now confidently recommend Transcendental Meditation to everyone. It is scientifically proven to be beneficial for the reasons mentioned here and I have had very positive experiences myself. I believe it can help you in the same way it has helped me. Furthermore, it can reduce stress during upcoming exams and preparation. From my experience, stress and anxiety harm exam results enormously and by this logic, meditation can help us to improve in our studies and to be more productive.”

Arnold is studying BSc Economics and Finance by distance learning in Germany.

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Top Journal Publishes New Study Showing Reduced PTSD

Media around the world reported on a study published by Lancet Psychiatry, a top journal, that found that the Transcendental Meditation technique significantly reduced post-traumatic stress disorder in veterans compared to the standard treatment.


After three months of practice, 61% of the 68 subjects in the Transcendental Meditation group had a clinically significant reduction in symptoms compared to 42% in the group that used the standard treatment. In a second control group, which received health education, 32% of the subjects showed a clinically significant reduction.

In addition, the participants in the Transcendental Meditation group were more likely to participate in the treatment sessions than those in the standard treatment group.

Standard treatment, referred to as “prolonged exposure,” entails veterans re-experiencing their trauma through remembering and engaging with situations that remind them of the trauma in order to eventually diminish their stress response. Some 30–45% of veterans typically withdraw from the treatment because it’s so unpleasant.

“New treatments, including options not involving exposure to the traumatic experience, are needed for veterans who do not respond to treatment or drop out due to discomfort,” said MUM researcher Sandy Nidich, first author of the study.

Other MUM coauthors included Maxwell Rainforth, Robert Schneider, John Salerno, and Carolyn Gaylord-King.

Source: The Review, Vol. 34, #6, November 28, 2018
Copyright 2018, Maharishi University of Management

More info at “The Lancet Psychiatry”:

Maharishi University of Management Research Institute:

French article:

Article in German:

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New study showing the effectiveness of TM for reducing symptoms of post-traumatic stress


Bob Roth, DLF, wrote: “This new study showing the effectiveness of TM for reducing symptoms of post-traumatic stress among post-9/11 veterans, which was published yesterday in the prestigious Lancet Psychiatry, will help to open doors for many, many thousands of veterans to learn TM. Lives will be transformed, even saved. Thank you for your kindness and support!”


Source: Bob Roth, Chief Executive Officer
David Lynch Foundation


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President Hagelin, Dr. Schneider Give Keynote Addresses at Zen Conference

In yet another example of the rising interest in higher states of consciousness and human potential, MUM president John Hagelin and Professor Robert Schneider were recently invited to speak at the interdisciplinary Global Zen Consciousness Conference in Atlanta.
They were invited along with other thought leaders because both are well known for their integration of modern science and traditional spirituality.
The conference was organized by the Shaolin Chan [Zen] Foundation, which hopes to “create a worldwide revolution by combining the spheres of science and Eastern philosophy to help humanity realize that at the deepest sub-nuclear level and at the innermost consciousness level we are all one.”
“This was a breakthrough event, with both the modern and ancient corroborating each other in an authentic and science-based manner,” said Dr. Schneider, dean of MUM’s College of Integrative Medicine.
Dr. Hagelin spoke about the physics of consciousness and higher states of consciousness. Dr. Schneider discussed the physiological correlates and practical health benefits of these higher states from the Vedic medicine perspective.
There were a number of presentations on traditional Chinese spirituality, martial arts, and medicine related to higher consciousness, with many Chinese visitors in attendance.
“It was reminiscent of the Natural Law Party, which brought together people with different perspectives who shared a common ground,” Dr. Schneider said.
There was also extensive discussion of “synthetic consciousness” – focused on the issue of whether artificial intelligence could embody human consciousness and even achieve higher states of consciousness. In the vein of artificial intelligence and robotics, one of the presenters was Sophia, a human-like, AI-driven robot.
“I made the point that the human nervous system is uniquely designed to reflect the highest state of awareness, Cosmic Consciousness,” Dr. Schneider said.


Source: The Review, Vol. 34, #4, October 31, 2018, Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa.