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PM Modi Declares Sikkim As First Organic State In The Country


GANGTOK: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday declared Sikkim as the first organic state in the country, saying it will soon become the harbinger of organic farming not only in India but around the world.

The Prime Minister also handed over the Organic Certificate to Chief Minister Pawan Chamling in Gangtok.

“Sikkim has paved its way into history and has set an example to the entire world that nature needs care and protection”, he told the National Conference on Sustainable Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare at Chintan Bhawan in Gangtok. ..

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Dr. John Fagan – Vedic Agriculture – The Key to empowering Indian Farmers

Dr. John Fagan (Ph.D.) Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, addresses the International Conference to Re-Establish Vedic India. His subject is Vedic Agriculture, the key to empowering the Indian farmers to feed the nation and the world. New Delhi, India. 21 February 2015.

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Dr. Herriott Publishes Textbook on Sustainable Technologies

Dr Scott Herriott, professor at MUM

Dr Scott Herriott, professor at MUM

Management professor Scott Herriott published a textbook in December called Feasibility Analysis for Sustainable Technologies: An Engineering-Economic Perspective. Business Experts Press published the book as part of their Environmental and Social Sustainability for Business Advantage Collection, edited by Chris Laszlo, the well-known author of Embedded Sustainability.

Dr. Herriott’s book walks readers through a feasibility analysis of a renewable energy or energy efficiency project. Included are a basic description of the technology, cash flow analysis, and examples of a variety of sustainable projects. The book is not only appropriate for business students, but also for sustainability professionals who are responsible for implementing sustainable technologies.

“When I started teaching my MBA course on sustainable technologies, I realized that there was no book that could simply explain technology to the finance people and finance to the technology people, so I conceived it and wrote it,” said Dr. Herriott. He has worked on the book since 2010, polishing and expanding his lecture notes and exercises every time he taught the course. The result is a 300-page book.

Business Experts Press will also publish a European edition that will describe public policies for sustainable technologies in a European context. It will be co-authored by Sharon Gerge, director of the MSc program in environmental sustainability and green technology at the University of Keele in England.

Scott Herriott has been a professor at MUM since 1990. He received his BA degree in mathematics from Dartmouth College and his PhD in management science and engineering at Stanford University. He taught at the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Iowa for six years before joining MUM. He teaches economics, finance, operations management, strategic management, and sustainable business. He is the author of a dozen scientific papers on economics, organization, and business strategy.


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MUM: An introduction for international students

 “Here, learning is easy and effortless, so you feel good, you feel happy — you feel fulfilled, alive.”

International students explain (in their native languages) MUM’s unique approach to higher education, Consciousness-Based education.

English subtitles.

At MUM, Consciousness-Based education connects everything you learn to the underlying wholeness of life. So each class becomes relevant, because the knowledge of that subject is connected with your own inner intelligence. You study traditional subjects, but you also systematically cultivate your inner potential developing your creativity and learning ability. Your awareness expands, improving your ability to see the big picture, and to relate to others.

Maharishi University of Management (MUM) offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the arts, sciences, business, and humanities. The University is accredited through the doctoral level by the Higher Learning Commission.

Founded in 1971 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the University features Consciousness-Based education to develop students’ inner potential. All students and faculty practice the Transcendental Meditation technique, which extensive published research has found boosts learning ability, improves brain functioning, and reduces stress. Maharishi University uses the block system in which each student takes one course at a time. Students report they learn more without the stress of taking 4-5 courses at once.

The University has a strong focus on sustainability and natural health, and serves organic vegetarian meals. The B.S. in Sustainable Living is MUM’s most popular undergraduate major.

Maharishi University of Management:

Consciousness-Based education:

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Transcendental Meditation:


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Natural health: Organic

Veg meals:

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Sustain Angoon Documentary

In 2010, a grant was obtained to find solutions to the current energy challenges facing Southeast Alaska. Faculty and students from MUM’s Sustainable Living Department went to Alaska to work on the project.

“It’s a demonstration project so we’re working on one house and we’re seeing what the possibilities are with that one house. Right now we’re doing Kelly Williams home and we’re installing solar panels, doing weatherization, making some other improvements and we’re going to see what the possibilities are after that project is over and we’ll see if solar energy can be done here in a rural community in Alaska.” (video: 17 min.)

Source: Maharishi University of Management (MUM)