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Update from Richard Barnes, Australia

28 January 2020 – This weekend is another dangerous time for the region–we have dodged two bullets so far–now there are 50 fire trucks in town from all over (some from interstate) and 200 fire fighters. They are treated as saviours as their focus is on protecting property mainly on the outskirts of town and wherever possible. I am glad I am in town… (Narooma)

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A mail from Australia

(A few days ago I received this mail from a friend in Narooma, Australia)

Dear Friends–the library (with its public computers) is still closed but I have just seen my emails thanks to a kind man in centrelink who gave me a computer for a while

Thankyou for your best wishes re the fires–I am fine–we were advised to stay put if we lived in the town which could be better protected than outlying areas.

Narooma was the safest place and served as an evacuation centre for the surrounding district–there was a huge fire out of contro 6 kms inland and a hot north westerly was predicted to blow it towards the coast–so i had hoses all around the house ready to put out spot fires from the ember attacks and retreat to the beach where I had my car waiting with emergency supplies.

We were expecting the worst

I then sat on the veranda doing some easy work (and forgetting about the fire for short periods)–power was out and the sky too dark to see indoors–but it was still all day and 25 degrees (a temperature inversion they called it–43 degrees in Bega 1 hour south)–no wind till the southerly change came in the evening and it rained the next day–so it was the most welcome anti-climax ever!

My tank water is now blackish till it settles–ash and cold embers everywhere

The ABC radio kept us informed as the danger passed.

Source: Richard Barnes


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Bob Roth in Australia

This is from “The West Australian”:

Jessie Papain The West Australian
Tuesday, 15 May 2018 9:39AM

Oprah sings its praises. Jerry Seinfeld swears by it. So do Nicole Kidman, Lena Dunham,
Katy Perry and Gwyneth Paltrow. Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness even do it
with their kids.

It seems everyone in Hollywood is obsessed with Transcendental Meditation —
and the man who brought the technique to the stars, Bob Roth, says Australians
need it just as much.

“I remember when I was here 20 years ago and people said ‘Oh no, people in Australia
aren’t stressed, they are very relaxed’,” the American meditation expert explains.

“But now they say ‘Woah, it’s changed’. It’s not like New York City, but if you look
at suicide and youth depression, there’s something there.
The trajectory Australia is on is unsustainable.”

Roth says eight million people have already benefited from incorporating TM
into their lives, but he is still alarmed by the “stress epidemic” gripping the world.

To make the deep form of meditation accessible to the masses,
he recently released his book Strength in Stillness:
The Power of Transcendental Meditation to clarify what the practise is
and how it can transform how we respond to stress….

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