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Swedish teachers impressed by Consciousness based Education at Maharishi Free School in Skelmersdale, UK

Skelmerdsdale-Maharishi School Children2

From a recent article by Henry James in Champnews: …”Swedish teacher Miss Jacobsson said: ‘Students said they can concentrate better in school and that they have become better at focusing.

“They added that meditation affects the relationship between the students, they have become more tolerant and more harmonious as a group. They have simply become more cheerful, calm, confident and positive!'” …


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Outstanding GCSE results by Maharishi Free School

maharishi-school-skelmersdaleFrom”The Guardian” today:

“The results also revealed some good news for Gove’s flagship free schools programme, with an unorthodox free school in west Lancashire achieving some outstanding GCSE results.
The Maharishi Free School near Skelmersdale was fifth among non-selective state schools with 61% of its pupils gaining A* or A grades in art and design.
Its curriculum includes three periods of meditation each day for pupils, which headteacher Derek Cassells said was part of the reason for the school’s excellent results in art.”

And for those of you who speak French this is a nice review of our Maharishi School in England (and another special school on a boat).

Thanks to Graham Woollcombe.

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The transformative power of the Invincible Europe Assembly in Skelmersdale, England

James Mousley describes the benefits of taking the Invincibility Assembly,  in Skelmersdale, England, the  most powerful course programme, devised by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi programme ®. It develops individual enlightenment and Invincibility in collective consciousness by enlivening the invincible quality of Natural Law – the Unified Field.

More info on and

For more info about the TM  programme in Great Britain please visit


Community in Rendlesham, Suffolk, UK

Central park of the Maharishi Garden Village in Rendlesham. Photo by John Broome on Flickr.

Another coherence creating community is located in Rendlesham, Suffolk, United Kingdom. There a “Maharishi Garden Village” has been created. This development within Rendlesham is constructed in a very special manner in accord with ancient principles of architecture in accord with Natural Law, the principles of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda. This kind of architecture defines the orientation, placement and proportion of buildings to promote maximum comfort and good fortune for the occupants. These principles have been applied in a beautiful Suffolk style to achieve cultural continuity. The village will have its own school by 2014. The village consists of currently 50 houses.