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Entanglement, Space-Time Wormholes and the Brain

Lecture by Dr John Hagelin

Lecture by Dr John Hagelin

Entanglement, Space-Time Wormholes and the Brain
Dr John Hagelin

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Coherence and Peace for Middle East!

This study conducted in the late 1980’s indicates that group practice of the Maharishi Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs improved the quality of life in Israel as measured by improvement on an index consisting of reduced crime rate, reduced traffic accidents, reduced fires, the reduced number of war deaths in Lebanon, increases in the national stock market, and improvements in national mood. The chart above shows the strong correspondence between the number of Transcendental Meditation-Sidhi program participants in the group in Jerusalem and a composite index of all the above variables.
Journal of Conflict Resolution 32 (1988): 776–812.
Dissertation Abstracts International 4 (1988): 2381A.

This chart is taken from the article “World peace from the quantum level: Dr. John Hagelin and David Lynch” at

This research indicates that it is possible to change the world in a very short time. The public and political leaders should now realize the potential of coherence creating groups which should be founded and established on a permanent basis in all parts of the world – especially in the so-called “hot spots”.