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Maharishi Tower Level 8: Defence

The Meissner effect describes the science of ‘invincibility’ for an electrical conductor…The MAHARISHI EFFECT describes the science and art of Invincibility for a nation. Impenetrable peace radiating from both within, and without the country.


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Ukraine – update

The Invincible Ukraine Assembly (see earlier blogs) lasted to mid July 2014. It was discontinued due to lack of financing.

However, now the focus is to teach Transcendental Meditation to as many people as possible in Ukraine. And there are some promising developments in this direction, I was informed today. —

Scientific research confirms that negative trends in society are reduced and positive trends increase as soon as 1% of the population is practising Transcendental Meditation. See

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Invincible Defence

Dr. David Leffler

Dr. David Leffler

An impressive collection of published articles all over the world by Dr. David Leffler and co-authors  how to end conflicts and turmoil, like in South East Asia, DR Congo, Syria, etc. through technologies of consciousness:

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The transformative power of the Invincible Europe Assembly in Skelmersdale, England

James Mousley describes the benefits of taking the Invincibility Assembly,  in Skelmersdale, England, the  most powerful course programme, devised by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi programme ®. It develops individual enlightenment and Invincibility in collective consciousness by enlivening the invincible quality of Natural Law – the Unified Field.

More info on and

For more info about the TM  programme in Great Britain please visit