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Andy Zhong—CEO of Billion-Dollar Gaming Company FunPlus

MUM graduate and gaming CEO Andy Zhong

MUM graduate Andy Zhong earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Dalian University of Technology in China, and began his career as a research engineer at Bell Laboratories in 2005. He entered MUM’s MS in Computer Science Program in 2007 and soon moved to Silicon Valley to serve as engineering director and lead product manager at RockYou, developing the popular Facebook games Birthday Cards and Zoo World.

Andy says that the time he spent at MUM was very helpful in landing him a job at a top Silicon Valley company. He has also found the practice of the TM® technique beneficial. ..

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Nakisha Hobbs to Deliver 2019 Commencement Address at MUM

Nakisha Hobbs, who cofounded and directs the Village Leadership Academy in Chicago, has been selected to give the 2019 commencement address Saturday, June 22, at 1:00 p.m. in the Maharishi Patanjali Golden Dome at Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa.

The Village Leadership Academy is a kindergarten through 8th-grade school with 700 students, whose focus is “to transform urban youth into global leaders” and which incorporates the Transcendental Meditation® technique throughout.

During MUM’s Changemakers Conference last spring, Ms. Hobbs shared a moving and inspiring story about what she learned from being the child of struggling teen parents and going on to found a school to empower children with backgrounds like hers.

Other innovative features of her school include a practical approach to leadership development, a world studies and social justice curriculum, and access to global travel through the World Scholars Program.

“I was most moved by her at the event,” said Jeffrey Abramson, chair of the MUM Board of Trustees. “She was articulate and authentic. She described how being a child of a teenage mom and the 12 schools she attended by the time she started college taught her the need to change education and create her own place of learning. She is indeed a changemaker and represents the next generation of leaders in education who see education more like Maharishi envisioned it.”

Ms. Hobbs is a fourth-generation educator. She holds an undergraduate degree from University of Illinois at Chicago and a master’s in early childhood education from Roosevelt University.

Prior to the Village Leadership Academy, Ms. Hobbs cofounded It Takes A Village Early Learning Centers, which provide early childhood education.

Source: The Review, Vol. 34, #11, March 13, 2019
Copyright 2019, Maharishi University of Management

Her MUM presentation can be viewed here:

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President Hagelin, Dr. Schneider Give Keynote Addresses at Zen Conference

In yet another example of the rising interest in higher states of consciousness and human potential, MUM president John Hagelin and Professor Robert Schneider were recently invited to speak at the interdisciplinary Global Zen Consciousness Conference in Atlanta.
They were invited along with other thought leaders because both are well known for their integration of modern science and traditional spirituality.
The conference was organized by the Shaolin Chan [Zen] Foundation, which hopes to “create a worldwide revolution by combining the spheres of science and Eastern philosophy to help humanity realize that at the deepest sub-nuclear level and at the innermost consciousness level we are all one.”
“This was a breakthrough event, with both the modern and ancient corroborating each other in an authentic and science-based manner,” said Dr. Schneider, dean of MUM’s College of Integrative Medicine.
Dr. Hagelin spoke about the physics of consciousness and higher states of consciousness. Dr. Schneider discussed the physiological correlates and practical health benefits of these higher states from the Vedic medicine perspective.
There were a number of presentations on traditional Chinese spirituality, martial arts, and medicine related to higher consciousness, with many Chinese visitors in attendance.
“It was reminiscent of the Natural Law Party, which brought together people with different perspectives who shared a common ground,” Dr. Schneider said.
There was also extensive discussion of “synthetic consciousness” – focused on the issue of whether artificial intelligence could embody human consciousness and even achieve higher states of consciousness. In the vein of artificial intelligence and robotics, one of the presenters was Sophia, a human-like, AI-driven robot.
“I made the point that the human nervous system is uniquely designed to reflect the highest state of awareness, Cosmic Consciousness,” Dr. Schneider said.


Source: The Review, Vol. 34, #4, October 31, 2018, Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa.


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Tune In: How you can become a ChangeMaker with David Lynch

The David Lynch Foundation and its Abramson Center for Peace along with Maharishi University of Management hosted this past weekend the inaugural ChangeMakers: Disruptors Transforming the World for Good conference.

David Lynch headlined this two-day event along with international humanitarian and visionary Father Gabriel Mejia. Featuring a panel of distinguished guest speakers, the conference explored what it takes to be a Changemaker in the world. I was happy to help moderate the discussions.

Tune in to watch a replay of the ChangeMakers conference on YouTube at any time beginning Tuesday, April 10th:

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Exhibit by Hong Kong Portrait Artist Raises Funds for MUM

Michael Andrew Law (Law Cheuk Yui), a Hong Kong contemporary artist, is exhibiting paintings in Gate Ridge Court, suite 205, through March 30. Admission is free, and funds from the sale of paintings will go to MUM and the David Lynch Foundation.
The 11 oil paintings, which range in size from 36 x 36 inches to 51 x 71 inches, include portraits of Maharishi, President John Hagelin, Filmmaker David Lynch, Professor Fred Travis, and Bob Roth, CEO of the David Lynch Foundation.
Purchases will be possible after March 30 and all proceeds will go directly to either of the two beneficiaries.
The exhibit is titled “From Unmanifest to Manifest in the Art of Hyper Pop Surrealism.”
Mr. Law, 35, studied with top artists and had a career as a commercial artist, including designing many cover spreads for Hong Kong press and working as a comic artist, illustrator, and film producer.
He then left commercial work to focus on his fine art practice and founded his own gallery in Central District, Hong Kong. His work has been shown at top venues, including the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in The Avenue of Stars.
His work has received wide attention, with three dozen popular artist books having been published that present his work. He has written essays on contemporary art and films, and also teaches workshops on classical and contemporary art for schools, organizations, and corporations.
His first completed painting in the group of paintings that have been donated was a birthday gift to his mother, PhD student Janet Ho, who had encouraged him to resume the regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique during a difficult time in his life.
After becoming regular in his practice again, he experienced profound changes within himself and decided to help others have the same experience by donating to MUM and the David Lynch Foundation.
The suite in Gate Ridge Court, playfully titled Cutie Showroom Fine Art ZOOMED!!!, is open from 3:00–4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 3:00–4:00 p.m. by appointment on Saturdays and Sundays.
For more about the artist, visit his website at
Source: The Review, Vol. 33, #10, February 28, 2018, Maharishi University of Management