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Can group meditation prevent violent crime? Surprisingly, the data suggests yes: New study

Large groups practicing the advanced Transcendental Meditation program were associated with significant reductions in U.S. homicide and urban violent crime rates during an intervention period of 2007–2010.


Summary: A new study, in a series spanning decades, suggests again that a sufficiently large group practicing an advanced program of Transcendental Meditation, the TM-Sidhi program, is associated with decreased violence in the whole society. From 2007–2010 the homicide rate dropped nationally 21.2% (5.3% per year), and violent urban crime dropped 18.5% (4.6% per year) for a sample of 206 urban areas nationwide with a population over 100,000. Both reductions were relative to prior trends, 2002–2006.

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“Prevention is the only way to stop crime and terrorism”

Study: Reduced Violent Crime in Washington DC

Study: Reduced Violent Crime in Washington DC

“Prevention is the only way to stop crime and terrorism. You kill one culprit today, and there’ll be two more the next day. Governments have tried to stop crime through punishment throughout the ages, but crime continued in the past—as it will continue in the future if punishment remains.

Crime can only be stopped through a preventive approach in the schools. You teach the students Transcendental Meditation, and right away they’ll begin using their full brain physiology—their thinking will be sensible and they will not get sidetracked into wrong things.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (2002)

“Repeatedly we said — prevention, prevention, prevention is the answer. And who will prevent? Governments can prevent. How can they prevent? They can prevent through — education! Consciousness-based education! Tell your president [that] education of the most fundamental finding of modern science is the answer. Somebody should tell him. […] It is education of total Natural Law at the basis of all life.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Press Conf., Sept. 28, 2001)