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Silence the Violence

About school projects in Chikago.



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Tiny school sweeps 3 international and national awards

M School logo 2All students, teachers and administration meditate – a research-validated approach to educational excellence

Source: www.Maharishi University of Management
Maharishi School – Fairfield, Iowa 52557, June 22, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

In May, a tiny school in Fairfield, Iowa, where all students, teachers and administration meditate, made history by sweeping 3 international and national awards:

1. A Maharishi School team competed against 8000 students from around the world in Destination Imagination, a creative problem-solving competition and finished in 1st place in their category and won the prestigious DaVinci award for outstanding creativity at the Global Finals competition

2. Its Student Rocketry team won $10,000 and 4th place in the national TARC – Team America Rocketry Challenge

3. Science Fair: A Maharishi School sophomore won the Iowa BioGenius Award and competed at the INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles where he finished in 3rd place in the microbiology category out of 89 entries. His judges included a Nobel Laureate.

The school administration believes the success of their students lies in their unique education approach that incorporates a daily practice of meditation and yoga into their college-preparatory program for day and boarding students. The school uses the Transcendental Meditation® program for developing the student’s consciousness, deep thinking skills, and creativity. Research has validated this approach – showing better academic performance and increased intelligence among students.

For more information, see the school’s website at or email the Director of Enrollment Management at

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TM/Quiet Time at Holy Trinity High School, Jamaica

“We took all of the lowest performing students and put them into one special class… that class is now above the highest performing class that we have… The data’s there.”— Margaret Brissett-Bolt, Principal Holy Trinity High School Jamaica, Former Official of the Ministry of Education, Leading Jamaican Educator

Improving Student and School Performance, Reducing Violence, Giving Hope, Creating a New Model for Jamaican Education

The David Lynch Foundation and the Jamaica Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education are working with schools, educational leaders, parents, and community organizations to:

• Improve school climate and academic outcomes
• Bring the healing effects of the TM technique to highly challenged students from broken homes and stress-ridden, violent neighborhoods
• Empower students to become the best that they can be
• Implement a student and school development program which can effectively solve Jamaica’s educational crisis
• Create the first, permanent, Consciousness-Based Education program in Jamaica and the Caribbean, and establish a permanent peace-creating group for the Caribbean Nations

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Big Fish Blog | Maharishi University of Management: David Lynch MA in Film

lynch-MUMHere’s what students of David Lynch MA in Film have to say about their experience of catching the Big Fish!

Big Fish Blog David Lynch MA in Film Students Meet David Lynch and Jim Carrey Author Sudevi Mossé Published On Jun 3, 2015 CategoryBig Fish BlogMedia & Communications The students of the David Lynch MA in film went to Los Angeles this month and met with David Lynch and Jim Carrey ….

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Outstanding GCSE results by Maharishi Free School

maharishi-school-skelmersdaleFrom”The Guardian” today:

“The results also revealed some good news for Gove’s flagship free schools programme, with an unorthodox free school in west Lancashire achieving some outstanding GCSE results.
The Maharishi Free School near Skelmersdale was fifth among non-selective state schools with 61% of its pupils gaining A* or A grades in art and design.
Its curriculum includes three periods of meditation each day for pupils, which headteacher Derek Cassells said was part of the reason for the school’s excellent results in art.”

And for those of you who speak French this is a nice review of our Maharishi School in England (and another special school on a boat).

Thanks to Graham Woollcombe.

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Creating Coherence at Maharishi University of Management

groupphoto of happy students at MUM

Students at Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa, USA.

Now let us have a quick look at one of the larger coherence creating groups in the world: Maharishi University of Management (MUM) in Fairfield, Iowa. Although MUM is situated in Iowa, the school itself has a diversely mixed population both racially and culturally. MUM has students from many countries, and certainly a wide variety of both ages and experience as well.
But the unique and most important feature is the shared experience of self-development in a Consciousness-Based Education environment. So even though people come to MUM from a wide variety of backgrounds, there is a great feeling of commonality, of trust, and of connection from the most basic field of one’s own consciousness, which everyone at MUM is daily both experiencing and cultivating.