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“Inner Peace”

VOGUE – In May’s cover story, Katy Perry reveals the secret to her seemingly superhuman success: twice-daily sessions of a mindfulness technique called Transcendental Meditation. “It’s a game-changer,” she tells Vogue’s Hamish Bowles. “I will feel neuro pathways open, a halo of lights. And I’m so much sharper. I just fire up!” …

What Is Transcendental Meditation? Katy Perry’s Teacher Explains Hollywood’s Favorite Pathway to Inner Peace. …

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Mohamed Samy Describes Experiences as a Muslim Student at MUM

Mohamed Samy traveled all the way from Egypt to join the Computer Science Masters program at Maharishi University of Management in May 2015. In the video below, he talks about his experience at the university as a Muslim student.


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Comments from Transcendental Meditation scholarship recipients


During Transcendental Meditation. Source:

Catalyze a Major Life Change
“The TM program seemed to reach out and find me at a time when I needed it the most and had the least means. The offer of a scholarship not only provided a way, but also provided a sense of universal support that helped to catalyze a major life change. Thank you so much!”
Terah Cox
Westchester County, NY

The TM program is having great effects in my life
“I want to tell you how much I appreciate the scholarship fund that was offered to me so that I may attend the TM program. I am on disability and could not afford to pay for the full course. If not for the scholarship program I would not be able to attend. I have been meditating for a little over a month and I’m starting to see how the TM technique is having great effects in my life. I hope that the scholarship program will continue so that others that are in need of financial assistance can receive it and they to can obtain this wonderful practice. Thank you Diana and Jeff for being such wonderful teachers and thank you to the people who support the scholarship fund.”
Christine Harrigan
Cary, NC

Helping me cope with trauma
“The TM technique has been invaluable in helping me cope with recent trauma. It continues to amaze me with it’s simplicity and effectiveness. Getting the lowered rate for financial need was key in getting me into the center in the first place. I don’t see how I could’ve done it otherwise. I am eternally grateful for the technique and the teachers who I have learned so much from.”
Daniel Pearce
New York City

A window to a peaceful place that I have never been
“The TM technique is the window to a peaceful place that I have never been. The space that you enter has not feelings, emotions, or thoughts. Therefore, the experience is magnificent. It feels like you are reborn again after each practice. Imagine to wake up with no worries, no stress. I call it my mental private spa. Absolutely delightful. Please try this technique. It is so wonderful that my children are learning. I want them to experience what I have found.”
Brenfy O’Rorke-Rogers
Round Rock, Texas

Cultivating peace and clarity within
“Having recently graduated from college and facing the reality of student loans, I could not have done the TM course without the assistance of the grant. I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to learn how to meditate. Everyday, I look forward to the moment where I can sit in meditation and let the rest of the world fade away, cultivating peace and clarity within.”
Connie Horak
Madison, WI

Facing life with a sense of calm and presence
“Receiving a scholarship to learn the TM technique was a precious gift. It has exceeded my expectations to manage stress and immediately helped me to face my self and life with a sense of calm and presence. It’s extraordinary how quick and simple it is to learn and practice.”
Kathleen DiPaola
Orange County, CA

A priceless precious lifelong gift
“Words cannot express my gratitude to the TM organization, especially my instructors. Without the scholarship, I could never have learned. I started practicing the TM technique during a time when I needed it most but could not afford it. Now it is a priceless and precious lifelong gift.”
Sandi Broadhurst
Pleasantville, NY

Solitude and relaxation every day
“Receiving the TM grant was the first step in a turning point for me—after experiencing some acute and longer term emotionally and physically difficult issues I was suffering from severe anxiety—after my very first lesson my husband could see a difference in my level of anxiety. I’ve now been practicing the method faithfully for five months and find that both my body and mind crave the 20 minutes of solitude and relaxation each day. I am extremely appreciative of this grant for without it I simply could not have afforded to learn the method at a time when it was critically needed. Many thanks.”
Sarah Ripp
Madison, WI

Inner Peace
“Meditation has given me a sense of inner peace that I never thought I could obtain (and it really is just another form of love). The generous grant from The David Lynch Foundation made learning the TM technique a reality—even at my current ‘starving actor’ status”.
Bobby Keith
New York City

I was basically able to change my life
“The TM program has really helped me. When something stressful happens, I can deal with it in a smarter, balanced, more harmonious way. As a student, money really comes into play in my decisions of what to do. Thanks to the Friends of the TM program, I was basically able to change my life.”
Susana Guerrero
San Diego, CA

Everything about your life transforms
“I’ve had some awesome effects. Sleeping better at night is a huge benefit. In the morning I had such a deep sleep. I’ve been sleeping so much. I’m making more money now because my attitude has changed. If it wasn’t for the scholarship, there’s no way we’d be able to start. Everything about your life transforms.”
Matt Russell
San Diego, CA


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You Are God

William T. Hathaway

William T. Hathaway

You Are God Who? … Me?

By William T. Hathaway

The statement “You are God” seems an absurd and presumptuous blasphemy, so it needs to be clarified. According to the Vedic tradition and panentheism, it’s not just you who are God; all of us are God. And it’s not just all of us who are God; everything is God. God is the universe in synergy, the whole that is more than the sum of its parts.

This contradicts mainstream Western theology, which is based on a split between creator and creature. According to this view, God made the universe with us in it and is now observing our behavior, rewarding us or punishing us based on our obedience to His rules.

The religions of the East and the mystic traditions of the West have a different view: God became the universe, manifested it, is it. Rather than observing the universe, God lives it. The universe is God’s active side, engaged in time, space, and matter. God is more than the universe, but there is nothing in it that isn’t God.

But if it’s true that we are God, why are we in such an ungodly mess? Because our unity with God is a living reality only in a higher state of consciousness. Reality, as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said, is different in different states of consciousness. Ordinarily we experience three state of consciousness: deep sleep, dreaming, or waking. Each has its own reality with distinctive physiological parameters of brain waves, blood chemistry, and metabolic rate.

Waking state is the realm of duality. Here we are bound in the relativity of time, space, and matter, so we perceive separations between ourselves and others. In waking state the idea that we are God is nonsensical. It contradicts our perceptions.

But it’s possible to experience a fourth state of consciousness that has its own reality and physiology. It’s called transcendental consciousness because it’s beyond the other three, existing at a more fundamental level. Here the duality and materiality of waking state are only surface conditions. The deeper underlying reality is unity, where the separations fade and everything, including matter, is experienced as one unified field of consciousness. Here your individual thinking mind merges with the mind of God. You’re no longer just a part of God. You transcend the boundaries of your small self and expand into the one great Self, the divine spirit animating the universe. All separations between you and God disappear, and you become One.

In transcendental consciousness you really are God and you really are experiencing a sacred life. The most effective method I’ve found for achieving this state on a regular basis is Transcendental Meditation. But even with TM, it’s usually a fleeting experience. In transcendental consciousness the mind is without thoughts. It reaches the source of thought, where it becomes pure Being — alert and aware but without an object of awareness, consciousness experiencing itself. This state is so blissful, so all-encompassing, so divine, that we think, How wonderful! And as soon as we have that thought, we’re no longer there.

But as we come out, we bring some of the energy, intelligence, and joy of this unified field back into our waking state of consciousness, where it enriches our life. And ironically, one of the ways it enriches it is by giving us a deeper appreciation of our separateness from God. The sense of separation we experience in waking state is a great aid to devotion. It’s easier to love something external to us, even if this externality is only partially true.

Each experience of transcendental consciousness also heals our nervous system of stresses we’ve accumulated in the past. It is these stresses, or karma, that make our mind unable to stay in that state while we’re thinking and acting. Once those stresses are gone, which usually takes many years, we function in that state permanently.

This is enlightenment, the height of human development in which our unity with God is a living reality, not just a concept. Then we live a sacred life, permanently perceiving the truth of the Veda: I am the Divine, You are the Divine, All this is the Divine.

* William T. Hathaway is the author of A World of Hurt (Rinehart Foundation Award), CD-Ring, Summer Snow, Radical Peace: People Refusing War, and Wellsprings: A Fable of Consciousness. A selection of his writing is available at