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Maharishi Vastu homeowners describe their experiences


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Maharishi Vastu Scotland

clearburn-5A unique city-based development of 8 apartment homes along with a Maharishi Invincibility Centre on the South Side of Edinburgh. This is an opportunity to join a small informal Maharishi Vastu community, one of the first within an existing city environment anywhere on the planet. Consciousness-based living in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.



Community in Rendlesham, Suffolk, UK

Central park of the Maharishi Garden Village in Rendlesham. Photo by John Broome on Flickr.

Another coherence creating community is located in Rendlesham, Suffolk, United Kingdom. There a “Maharishi Garden Village” has been created. This development within Rendlesham is constructed in a very special manner in accord with ancient principles of architecture in accord with Natural Law, the principles of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda. This kind of architecture defines the orientation, placement and proportion of buildings to promote maximum comfort and good fortune for the occupants. These principles have been applied in a beautiful Suffolk style to achieve cultural continuity. The village will have its own school by 2014. The village consists of currently 50 houses.


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Europe’s First Maharishi Peace Palace Inaugurated

Maharishi Peace Palace, Erfurt, Germany

Europe’s first Maharishi Peace Palace was constructed according to the Vastu principles of Vedic architecture and  inaugurated on  October 24th 2012 in Erfurt, Germany. The building has a footprint of 285 sqm and two and a half stories.
It is located near the center of Germany. One hundred and twenty enthusiastic guests from all over Germany and neighbouring countries attended the inauguration of Europe’s first Maharishi Peace Palace. Great care and creativity was shown in the use of natural building material while keeping within a very reasonable budget. This beautiful new building serves as center of learning. A small coherence creating group is doing its “office hours” there every morning and evening. Photo by Director Dr. Eckart Stein.

Source: Maharishi Channel


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Stacey Kitakis Hurlin, artist in the “Abundance Ecovillage”, Fairfield, Iowa

Stacey Kitakis Hurlin

Just this photo of Stacey which I had in my email today. After searching I found this about her – and this here is about the Abundance Ecovillage which may interest you. — Thanks to Margot Süttmann. And thanks to SHAJ –  for your interest!