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Infinity is Immortal

‘You are born to be the ruler of the universe—you have only to learn Transcendental Meditation and practice to have the Constitution of the Universe in your simple awareness. If you do not have it in your awareness, then you do not have it. You may be very wealthy, but if the wealth is not in your awareness, you will always remain poor in the market. In reality you may be very wealthy, but if you do not have awareness of your wealth, you will always behave like a poor man.

‘The reality of life is very precious: you are immortal, you are invincible, you are Transcendental Consciousness. Just a few sittings of Transcendental Meditation will reveal to you what a wealth of bliss, what a wealth of happiness, what a wealth of Being you are. So, begin to live your inner reality and that is invincibility, that is immortality, that is human life. The human species, the consciousness and the intelligence of the human species, has that natural quality of immortality, invincibility.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 18 April 2007 Press Conference Highlights


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Flying Time

Extracted from “The Complete Book of Yogic Flying”, page 191-197.


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“During group flying, there is no real sense of time in that wholeness and
unboundedness. The body is moving wholeness as it hops, while the inner
awareness is silent, non-active, and ‘immovable.’…”

“Often the awareness spontaneously gets focused to a point.
I sense a huge unboundedness in my body. It is no longer a hard,
concrete boundary, but is rather more like a porous, transparent,
insignificant shell surrounded by inner and outer unbounded fullness…”

“I experience everything as my own Self – as my own consciousness,
so that I am hopping within my Self…”

“During the most exhilarating flying, sometimes I look around at the
group and it no longer seems like a group of individuals with different
personalities but one awareness, my own awareness, expressing itself
as different bodies and personalities.”

“Sometimes during Yogic Flying, I become absorbed in an experience of
intense wholeness and bliss. When this happens, the body naturally becomes
very upright in the traditional Yogic Flying position, feels light,
and almost disappears entirely from my awareness.
The overwhelming experience at this time is wholeness – lively inner silence.
It is as if I am sitting in a void, a void filled with bliss and wholeness.
That is all that there is. A very substantial wholeness encompasses an
insubstantial body. My awareness becomes greatly expanded and is bathed in brightness…”

Thanks to Purusha Manyu Mo.

“What is Yogic Flying?,” Asks Larry King to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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Video: The Hollywood Reporter: Festival of Disruption interviews

For those of you on Facebook, please check out this video:

Stars from Twin Peaks, Bill Hader & more are talking all about their work with the David Lynch Foundation – an organization that brings Transcendental Meditation to inner city schools in Los Angeles to children who have experienced trauma.

There is also a small part with artist Shepard Fairy.

Thanks to Ken Chawkin at

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LAUSD Students and CEO Learn to Meditate


L.A. Unified is piloting an effort to teach self-care techniques to students, helping them identify and de-escalate tension so they can focus on academic success. Through a grant from the California Endowment, funded by the David Lynch Foundation, students and staff at Gage Middle School are practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM) for 10 minutes every morning and afternoon. Gage Principal Cesar Quezada built support within his school community to bring TM to students.

Read the full story here:

“This is part of a wellness effort to support schools in communities impacted by social and economic issues,” said Escudero, adding that TM is not a religion or philosophy. “We know that trauma is prevalent in these communities that affects families and children. By teaching students how to become calm and well-regulated and resilient in the face of adversity, they can be ready to learn.”


Sarah Hiner, President and CEO of Bottom Line Inc., is passionate about giving people the tools and knowledge they need to control their lives in areas such as women’s health, the challenges of the healthcare system, commonsense financial advise, and family life. Read about Sarah’s journey in learning and practicing the evidence-based Transcendental Meditation technique to help feel more refreshed and energized.

“I am fascinated watching the thoughts and images float through my mind. It’s like dreaming, but I am awake.”

Read the full article HERE:

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