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Meditation training available to Kingston employees of NYC environmental department

Article by Patricia Doxsey, Daily Freeman

… ““We knew that transcendental meditation was being used in workplace wellness programs all over the country and we seemed to think it would fit, not only in the aftermath of the shooting but to improve the general outcomes of our employees,” Bosch said, adding that several other New York City departments also have provided transcendental meditation training for employees.

The Department of Environmental Protection entered into a contract not to exceed $99,600 to provide transcendental meditation training to employees at the Kingston’s office at a cost of $600 per employee. Bosch said the David Lynch Foundation generally charges $1,200 per person but has a program under which it subsidizes programs offered to public employees and public servants.

To date, Bosch said, the department has spent about $37,200 on training for 62 of the agency’s 200 Kingston employees. He said interest in the program has been so high that a session is being planned for other employees.

Bosch said as a result of the success of the program in Kingston, the Department of Environmental Protection is considering offering it at other sites as part of the department’s general wellness program.

“It was absolutely so popular. The people who took it found they liked it more than they expected,” he said. “I certainly felt like I got a lot out of it.”

Bosch said that since taking the course, he is able to concentrate better and isn’t as prone to distraction as he once was and doesn’t have the “edginess” he used to feel.”

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Russia may become soon the world’s leading supplier of healthy food

MOSCOW, December 3. /TASS/ Russia is capable of becoming the world’s leading supplier of healthy food, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at his annual state of the nation address to the Federal Assembly on Thursday.

“We won’t only be able to feed ourselves given our land, water resources. Russia is capable of becoming the biggest global supplier of healthy, eco-friendly, high-quality food, which certain western producers have been lacking for a long time already,” President said, adding that the global demand for such products is on the rise. ..

President Putin said: “Last year exports of agriculture from Russia reached almost $20 bln, which is a quarter higher than revenue from military exports, and is around a third of gas export values. Our agriculture saw this rapid progress over a short yet fruitful period,” he said. “Only 10 years ago we bought half of food products from abroad, we depended critically on imports. Now, Russia is among exporters, thanks to the farmers,” he added. …

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Coherence weakened hurricane “Patricia”

ARD (German TV) on 10/24/2015: “Hurricane” Patricia “: The strongest hurricane since weather recording”
But: The storm weakened as soon as he hit the coast.

What had happened?

Dr. Susie Swan of Ambassador Resource Office summarizes:
“Very shortly Raja Luis (the Raja of Latin America) organized in cooperation with the authorities 20,000 Yogic Flyers who stayed in school and did their TM and TM-Sidhi program together while a big Yagya was running. As the hurricane reached Mexico, he changed course and arrived in a sparsely populated region of the country. And, particularly noteworthy: his strength decreased rapidly. The strength of the hurricane was downgraded to “severe tropical storm” within a short time. There were no fatalities, very little damage and it was a great relief for everyone.
This is a very impressive example of how Yoga and Yagya eliminate a danger just in time.
The astonished administrative authorities thanked Raja Luis.”

Source: Ambassador Resource Office, Germany

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Dr. Herriott Publishes Textbook on Sustainable Technologies

Dr Scott Herriott, professor at MUM

Dr Scott Herriott, professor at MUM

Management professor Scott Herriott published a textbook in December called Feasibility Analysis for Sustainable Technologies: An Engineering-Economic Perspective. Business Experts Press published the book as part of their Environmental and Social Sustainability for Business Advantage Collection, edited by Chris Laszlo, the well-known author of Embedded Sustainability.

Dr. Herriott’s book walks readers through a feasibility analysis of a renewable energy or energy efficiency project. Included are a basic description of the technology, cash flow analysis, and examples of a variety of sustainable projects. The book is not only appropriate for business students, but also for sustainability professionals who are responsible for implementing sustainable technologies.

“When I started teaching my MBA course on sustainable technologies, I realized that there was no book that could simply explain technology to the finance people and finance to the technology people, so I conceived it and wrote it,” said Dr. Herriott. He has worked on the book since 2010, polishing and expanding his lecture notes and exercises every time he taught the course. The result is a 300-page book.

Business Experts Press will also publish a European edition that will describe public policies for sustainable technologies in a European context. It will be co-authored by Sharon Gerge, director of the MSc program in environmental sustainability and green technology at the University of Keele in England.

Scott Herriott has been a professor at MUM since 1990. He received his BA degree in mathematics from Dartmouth College and his PhD in management science and engineering at Stanford University. He taught at the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Iowa for six years before joining MUM. He teaches economics, finance, operations management, strategic management, and sustainable business. He is the author of a dozen scientific papers on economics, organization, and business strategy.


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Ukraine – update

The Invincible Ukraine Assembly (see earlier blogs) lasted to mid July 2014. It was discontinued due to lack of financing.

However, now the focus is to teach Transcendental Meditation to as many people as possible in Ukraine. And there are some promising developments in this direction, I was informed today. —

Scientific research confirms that negative trends in society are reduced and positive trends increase as soon as 1% of the population is practising Transcendental Meditation. See