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Aspen Brain Institute’s Expert Series

As part of the Aspen Brain Institute’s Expert Series, please join Bob Roth and our friend Dr. Norman Rosenthal as they present new research on Transcendental Meditation and the Brain. They’ll discuss TM’s effect on the brain’s ability to strengthen executive function and the creative process, heal trauma and toxic stress, and promote resilience. They’ll also address the “democratization” of meditation and its usefulness across society, from survivors of trauma, to youth in under-served communities, to healthcare workers battling COVID-19.

Register to view the interview for free at, and join us Monday, June 8 at 5pm EDT / 3pm MDT.

The Aspen Brain Institute Expert Series is a free Zoom series feature experts whose ideas, research, and perspective can help you better understand how to take your brain’s health into your own hands. The purpose of this series is to increase Brain Health literacy and share access to the top minds and evidence-based research on Brain Health.

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EDAPO School – Call for Donations

School inspectors visited EDAPO Primary School today.
They want EDAPO to close the boarding section of the school until the security wall is finished.
Closing the boarding section of the school would mean 322 AIDS orphan children would have to leave.
Where do they go? This is their home.

The security wall must go around the entire school campus.
It is one of the measures the Ministry of Education now requires to combat the threat of kidnapping children, which is currently rampant in Uganda.

EDAPO humbly requests your help to finish the security wall right away.

$5,200 is still needed (last 25% of the total cost)

Whatever amount you can give now will help.

Click to donate today:

One of the sections of the security wall needing to be finished.

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IndyStar about Jazz Pianist Keelan Dimick

He practices Transcendental Meditation …
Before Dimick moved to Idaho and studied with Nielsen, he lived in Fairfield, Iowa. Thanks to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi — known for bringing the Beatles and Mia Farrow to higher spiritual planes — the city is an enlightenment capital where residents are known to sit without moving for 20 minutes twice a day or so.

In the still moments, Transcendental Meditation quiets the mind to bring forth “a peaceful level of your own awareness,” according to the technique’s website,

“I come from that tradition and that town where that’s just what you do,” Dimick said. “My mom taught me when I was 10 years old, and I started getting really into it when I was about 16, with high school starting (to be) a little bit tedious. And I noticed right even from that age that it had a huge impact on the way that I went along with my day.”

He continues to practice the technique.

Read the whole article here:

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Uganda – School Project for Orphans


EDAPO is smiling.
You can smile, too.

Thanks to all your donations, Joanita could pay the EDAPO teachers’
salaries for September.

Let’s her keep smiling.

Click to Donate:

The EDAPO orphan students can’t pay school fees.
It’s donors like you who support them.
As if you are their aunties and uncles.

In the next school year that begins February 2019, EDAPO PS plans
to enroll new fee paying students from the village.
This will help pay the teachers.

For now, let’s support the 33 teachers and staff who care for the students.
PO Box 337, Fairfield IA 52556
+1 888.213.2735

Thanks to Graham Woollcombe.