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EDAPO – update

“I am so glad and deeply grateful for the quick response to EDAPO’s request.
Our donors are really a big force from Heaven. My heart melts.”
Mark Mugabe, Director of EDAPO

So many of you from around the world quickly gave generously whatever you could to help finish the security wall. It will be completed next week!

First truckloads of supplies were delivered last week.
Right away workers returned to finish the wall.
Such rapid progress has impressed authorities 🙂

“May the joy your gift generates always return to you a million times over.
Be blessed every day that follows night.

With respect and kind regards,”

Mark Mugabe and all of EDAPO School teachers, staff and children.

Thank you for helping our school.

PO Box 337, Fairfield IA 52556 USA

+1 888.213.2735

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EDAPO School – Call for Donations

School inspectors visited EDAPO Primary School today.
They want EDAPO to close the boarding section of the school until the security wall is finished.
Closing the boarding section of the school would mean 322 AIDS orphan children would have to leave.
Where do they go? This is their home.

The security wall must go around the entire school campus.
It is one of the measures the Ministry of Education now requires to combat the threat of kidnapping children, which is currently rampant in Uganda.

EDAPO humbly requests your help to finish the security wall right away.

$5,200 is still needed (last 25% of the total cost)

Whatever amount you can give now will help.

Click to donate today:

One of the sections of the security wall needing to be finished.