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DLF: RAISE YOUR VOICE for change on Giving Tuesday—November 27!

RAISE YOUR VOICE for change on Giving Tuesday—November 27!


We are asking each of our 250,000 FOLLOWERS to donate ONE DOLLAR
this Tuesday so that 2,500 children can learn to meditate.

PLUS with our VOICES OF CHANGE raffle, every follower who donates
FIVE DOLLARS will be entered to win a personalized voicemail greeting from either
Hugh Jackman, David Lynch, or Kyle MacLachlan!
Raise your voice now and get ready to help heal the trauma and toxic stress
of children with the David Lynch Foundation!

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The Review, Vol. 34, #5, November 14, 2018

The Review, Vol. 34, #5, November 14, 2018
Copyright 2018, Maharishi University of Management


Students Focus on Local Hunger in New First-Year Option
Top Industry Professionals Join Board of Trustees
President Hagelin Elevates Role of Young Administrators
Students Launch Business to Grow Medicinal Mushrooms
New Study Shows Improved Emotional Intelligence
Student Life Department Adds Another Counselor



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New study showing the effectiveness of TM for reducing symptoms of post-traumatic stress


Bob Roth, DLF, wrote: “This new study showing the effectiveness of TM for reducing symptoms of post-traumatic stress among post-9/11 veterans, which was published yesterday in the prestigious Lancet Psychiatry, will help to open doors for many, many thousands of veterans to learn TM. Lives will be transformed, even saved. Thank you for your kindness and support!”


Source: Bob Roth, Chief Executive Officer
David Lynch Foundation


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Uganda – School Project for Orphans


EDAPO is smiling.
You can smile, too.

Thanks to all your donations, Joanita could pay the EDAPO teachers’
salaries for September.

Let’s her keep smiling.

Click to Donate:

The EDAPO orphan students can’t pay school fees.
It’s donors like you who support them.
As if you are their aunties and uncles.

In the next school year that begins February 2019, EDAPO PS plans
to enroll new fee paying students from the village.
This will help pay the teachers.

For now, let’s support the 33 teachers and staff who care for the students.
PO Box 337, Fairfield IA 52556
+1 888.213.2735

Thanks to Graham Woollcombe.