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See Ringo Starr, David Lynch Discuss Beatle’s Career, Meditation

lynch-ringoFilmmaker’s foundation releases ‘The Lifetime of Peace & Love Tribute Concert’ tribute album today

BY December 4, 2015

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China Is Canceling the Debt of the World’s Most Impoverished Nations

“Chinese President Xi Jinping made yet another commitment to help economic growth in the developing world, announcing that China would be canceling the debts of the world’s least developed countries.

President Xi made the announcement while addressing a United Nations summit on global development goals. During his speech, he also pledged to establish a $2 billion fund dedicated to improving conditions in the most impoverished countries around the world.”

“The world is going through a historical process of accelerated evolution. The sunshine of peace, development and progress will be powerful enough to penetrate the clouds of war, poverty and backwardness,”
President Xi said.

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