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Donovan to perform during Beatleweek 2015

Singer-songwriter, rock-n-roll Hall of Fame member Donovan.

Singer-songwriter, rock-n-roll Hall of Fame member Donovan.

A star line up has been announced for Liverpool’s International Beatleweek 2015, Liverpool Echo reports. Among others, singer-songwriter Donovan will headline a show at the Royal Court on Friday, August 28 entitled “The Sham-Rock Concert”, which will raise funds for teaching students Transcendental Meditation in Scotland.

Donovan is expected to perform songs from his pioneering ‘flower power’ album Sunshine Superman, as well as numbers from Beatles records including Sgt Pepper and the White Album.


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Ringo Starr Honored With David Lynch Foundation’s ‘Lifetime Of Peace & Love Award’

Barbara, Ringo, David, and Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh with "his fragrant other half".

Barbara, Ringo, David, and Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh with “his fragrant other half”.

Ringo Starr was recently honored by the David Lynch Foundation. Many guests came, incl. Joe Walsh, Jim Carrey, Peter Frampton, and more. Here are more pictures:

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And a nice and short video here:

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Paul McCartney’s great meditation

Maharishi witht he Beatles. Right Paul McCartney. Source

Maharishi with the Beatles. Right: Paul McCartney. Source

“I remember having a great meditation, one of the best I ever had. It was a pleasant afternoon, in the shade of these big tropical trees on the flat roof of this bungalow. It appeared to me that I was like a feather over a hot-air pipe, a warm-air pipe. I was just suspended by this hot air, which was something to do with the meditation. And it was a very very blissful feeling. It took you back to childhood when you were a baby, some of the secure moments when you’ve just been fed or you were having your nap. It reminded me of those nice, secure feelings. And I thought, Well, hell, that’s great, I couldn’t buy that anywhere. That was the most pleasant, the most relaxed I ever got, for a few minutes I really felt so light, so floating, so complete.”

–Paul McCartney, from the book, ‘Many Years From Now’

Thanks to Margot Süttmann.

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HelloCotton: Why CEOs, actors and stars love TM

Russell Brand with students meditating, David Lynch, Shel Pink.

Carla Vass just published a new article at She writes: “… In fact, the list of celebrities and Fortune 500 CEOs who say Transcendental Meditation has helped them in their personal and professional lives is so long …”

Ray Dalio, Russell Brand, Russell Simmons, Shel Pink, David Lynch, and – the Beatles are on this list, she says.

Please see for yourself: