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A mail from Australia

(A few days ago I received this mail from a friend in Narooma, Australia)

Dear Friends–the library (with its public computers) is still closed but I have just seen my emails thanks to a kind man in centrelink who gave me a computer for a while

Thankyou for your best wishes re the fires–I am fine–we were advised to stay put if we lived in the town which could be better protected than outlying areas.

Narooma was the safest place and served as an evacuation centre for the surrounding district–there was a huge fire out of contro 6 kms inland and a hot north westerly was predicted to blow it towards the coast–so i had hoses all around the house ready to put out spot fires from the ember attacks and retreat to the beach where I had my car waiting with emergency supplies.

We were expecting the worst

I then sat on the veranda doing some easy work (and forgetting about the fire for short periods)–power was out and the sky too dark to see indoors–but it was still all day and 25 degrees (a temperature inversion they called it–43 degrees in Bega 1 hour south)–no wind till the southerly change came in the evening and it rained the next day–so it was the most welcome anti-climax ever!

My tank water is now blackish till it settles–ash and cold embers everywhere

The ABC radio kept us informed as the danger passed.

Source: Richard Barnes


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Wellness Trends For 2020 FORBES, Jan 8, 2020

Wellness Trends For 2020
FORBES, Jan 8, 2020

“It’s a new year, a new decade and a new chance to become
your best self. In previous decades, the mind-body
connection wasn’t something seen as commonplace in society.”

“Transcendental Meditation or TM is a form of mantra meditation practiced for twenty minutes twice a day. A great amount of research has shown TM
to be effective for reducing stress and anxiety as well as boost brain function.
Anyone can learn this practice, but it must be done in person with a certified instructor.”—

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